Why You Should Be Concerned About ICLEI?

ICLEI = International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

Taking care of our environment, developing energy independence, and planning for the future is a responsible approach to living.  However, the green/environmental/sustainable movement consistently demonstrates their lack of concern for the people who live on the planet.  Many green-labeled practices actually cause more damage to the environment.
Powerful environmental special interest groups prevent research, development and implementation of new technology.  Free market solutions to any problem are far superior to government intrusion.  There is exciting research and development being conducted by private businesses, but they cannot compete against multibillion dollar foreign nongovernmental organizations. 

The science says man-made global warming does not exist, so why is there so much focus on the issue?  Money, power and control. This all occurs at the expense of individual freedom.


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Some Facts about ICLEI:

1. A foreign non-governmental organization.

2. Embedded in approximately 1200 governments worldwide.

3. Operates mostly behind the scenes inside local governments and out of the public eye.

4. Lures local governments with access to billions of dollars and programs for gaining control of private businesses.

5.  ICLEI is the United Nations driving force for the "Global Warming" fraud  to implement the "Agenda 21" global wealth redistribution policies.


ICLEI Should be Removed From Local Governments

Begin removing ICLEI from your city by attending city council meetings and listening for Green/Sustainable/Environmental/Triple Bottom Line jargon in agendas and policy discussions. Contact the mayor and councilors and ask if they are members of ICLEI.  If they are, request that ICLEI membership be canceled.  Many city councils are not even aware they are participating in ICLEI activites and even if they are, most are not familiar with the long term goals of ICLEI.